The original paper, "The Role of Counseling Faculty in the California Community Colleges",
provided principled positions of the Academic Senate regarding the essential functions of counselors and
the delivery of counseling services in helping students achieve success. The paper concluded with specific
guidance on appropriate roles for paraprofessionals, and an appendix addressed the role of faculty advisors.
Much of the content from the original paper remains in this version because, nearly 30 years after the 1986
Seymour-Campbell Matriculation Act, it is still compelling and necessary for ensuring quality educational
experiences for students and useful for local senates in crafting initiatives to improve student success. Some
of the Title 5 regulation language has been removed, as legislation pertaining to matriculation is under
revision at this time due to the Board of Governors’ 2012 endorsement of the Student Success Task Force
recommendations. Added to the paper is a description of education plans and a section on technology
and online counseling, and the sections on paraprofessionals and faculty advisors have been incorporated
into the body of the paper rather than included as appendices. Summary recommendations have also been
included in this revision.
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