The Challenge:

African American students are facing some of the largest equity gaps in community college. A²MEND was created to improve the equity gap in completion for African American community college students, as well as add professional development opportunities for faculty, staff and administrators.

A²MEND Mentee Program
The African American Male Education Network and Development Mentor Program provides support, guidance, professional development, and networking opportunities for A²MEND members as well as students enrolled within the community college system. A²MEND mentees are assigned to an administrator who has demonstrated expertise, leadership and scholarship within the California Community College system, and are committed to the personal development, professional growth and academic success of African American males. Mentees also have the opportunity to network with other mentees and mentors within the program through various personal and professional development programs and social activities.

A²MEND Mentee Scholarship
The A²MEND scholarship provides mentees with financial support for tuition, books, and living fees. The scholarship is awarded to students with special qualifications, such as academic achievement, artistic abilities, demonstrated leadership and/or athletic talents, or to students who are in particular fields of study, who are members of underrepresented groups, or who are mentees who demonstrate a financial need.

African American Male Summit
In response to the lack of educational success of African American male students in California community colleges, in 2008 A²MEND organized the First Annual African American Male Summit, which brought together faculty, staff, students and administrators from across the country to address the administrative and instructional strategies that have an impact on the success of African American male students. Since its inception, the African American Male Summit has placed a spotlight on the institutional challenges and barriers that exist within colleges to produce positive educational outcomes for African American men.

A²MEND Student Charter
Under the auspice and affiliation of the A²MEND, the Student Chapter of A²MEND is a student support structure that seeks to establish an affirming environment where African American male students and other men of color are able to thrive. The aim of the A²MEND student organization is to improve academic success and to develop culturally competent servant student leaders. The Student Chapter of A²MEND is further designed to develop competent life skills, reaffirm the value of the African/African American cultural traditions, create awareness around issues of social justice, build grit, promote professionalism, and foster a culture of positive peer pressure. The Student Chapter of A2MEND provides educational, cultural, social, and intellectual programs that promote positivity and brotherhood among its members.

Other Comments:

This program was a 2012 recipient of the John W. Rice Diversity and Equity Award. The Rice Award recognizes California Community College faculty, staff, or programs that have made a significant contribution towards diversity or student equity.

To learn more, please see the below contact information:
Erin Vines
Assistant Superintendent/Vice President of Student Services
Antelope Valley College

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