Do you have questions or need support related to the PLN? Below you will find frequently asked questions and a few additional links to help you.
The Professional Learning Network (PLN) is a shared learning site for faculty, staff, administrators, and trustees to collaborate across the California Community Colleges system and access a comprehensive library of professional development resources. The Institutional Effectiveness project, which is part of the Institutional Partnership Initiative, has helped to create the PLN with funds from the Chancellor's Office in order to create a system that will provide assistance to faculty and staff to help improve operations and student success. The project originated from the Student Success Task Force’s call for creating a system to share best practices across the CCC system, utilizing technology. The PLN includes free access to, where faculty and staff can access thousands of training videos, and track these training hours through their personalized professional development plan (MyPD).  Another key collaboration tool on the PLN is the ability to connect with other educators and staff through the site's forum. Users can pose topics for discussion and engage in helpful dialogue between colleagues in order to share knowledge across all 114 campuses in the CCC system. The PLN is designed to supplement and complement in-person training and development opportunities that the system currently provides to colleges. The PLN will be an always-accessible location to store relevant and useful practices, resources and videos all in one place.
Any CCC employee can register for an account with the PLN.  Please go to the Register/Login tab on the right hand side of the screen and fill out the short form.  You will be required to have a recognized school or partner email domain.
Please click on the Contact Us link at the bottom of this page and a staff member will be in touch to help resolve the issue.
First you will need a PLN account. Once you are signed in, navigate to the Learn section of the site.  Click on either the Lynda or Skillsoft link and you will be automatically taken to their website and signed in to their learning platform. Currently mobile apps (such as the app) for these sites will not work with your PLN account information.
Yes.  In the MyPD section you’ll be able to track your completed courses along with goals, saved resources, forum comments and more.  Skillsoft and Lynda provide certificates of completion once a course is completed.
Click on the Resources tab on the top navigation of the PLN site.  Once on the Resources page look on the left hand side for a button that says “Share a Resource.” You will be taken to a form to fill out and upload the resource material.  It will then be reviewed by the PLN managing editor and once approved will be uploaded to the PLN.
As long as you are an employee with a PLN account you will be able to upload a resource to the PLN.
Once a resource is uploaded it will be reviewed by the PLN managing editor and possibly additional subject matter experts, depending on the type of resource.  Once it is approved, relevant tags will be added to aid in searching, it will be checked for accessibility and the resource will be added to the PLN.
Due to the amount of resources uploaded to the PLN, it is fully the responsibility of the user to know and comply with all applicable copyright laws before uploading a resource.
Click on the Calendar tab in the top navigation of the PLN websites.  Once on the page, click on “Suggest an Event to Add.” You will be taken to a form to fill out with all of the event’s information.  It will then be sent to PLN staff to review, reach out for questions if necessary, and post to the site.