This infographic shows the process of disaggregating student learning outcome (SLO) data using TracDat at Irvine Valley College. disaggregating slo infographic DisaggregatingSLO-infographic-v11.pdf Accessibility Script Student Learning Outcome Disaggregation Process Using TracDat at Irvine Valley College.
  1. The department chair requests that rosters be loaded into TracDat to the Research Office.
  2. The research office loads the rosters into TracDat.
  3. The department chair uses TracDat to assign rosters to individual faculty members.
  4. The faculty enter the SLO assessment data into TracDat.
  5. The research office extracts the rosters from TracDat with SLO data.
  6. The research office merges the SLO data with other data sources.
  7. Then conducts analyses on merged data set
  8. Then shares disaggregated SLO data reports with faculty.
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