A few months after Canvas by Instructure was selected to be the common course management system for the Online Education Initiative, the @ONE program began offering the course: Introduction to Teaching with Canvas. Gregory Beyrer co-developed the class and has helped hundreds of colleagues learn...Read more
This presentation from the 2017 Online Teaching Conference includes considerations and tips for creating accessible content. When you use the tools in the Rich Content Editor in Canvas you can help ensure your online content is more accessible to all your students. This resource shows how to fix...Read more
The Challenge The Ventura College Promise (VC Promise) was designed to encourage students to enroll in college the fall semester after graduating high school and enable them to attend full-time. Data indicates that these two factors — transitioning directly from high school to college and having at...Read more
With the latest transition from using prior year tax information to using prior-prior year tax information when completing the FAFSA, the issue of resolving conflicting information has become a hot topic. This session from the 2017 CCCSFAAA conference will discuss exactly what conflicting...Read more
This presentation from the 2017 CCCSFAAA conference addresses the administration of Title IV funds when a student adds or drops courses and also student withdrawals (excluding R2T4 calculation). Additionally, this session provides an in-depth explanation concerning student withdrawals on the...Read more
Would you like to learn about the program review process and the most common compliance findings? This presentation is a walk-through of the program review process, highlighting the areas with the current "Top 10 Program Review and Audit Findings." Learn what you can do to improve your school's...Read more
eLearning Module Resource Description The Challenge: African American students are facing some of the largest equity gaps in community college. A²MEND was created to improve the equity gap in completion for African American community college students, as well as add professional development...Read more
eLearning Module Resource Description The Course Exchange, the California Virtual Campus, the new Student Portal – all of these will make it clear to CCC students that they can choose to take their online courses from any college in the system. How will your college stack up to the competition?...Read more
The Ontario-Montclair Promise Scholars Program was inaugurated when key community and education leaders came together in October 2011 to address barriers to college and career access and success. At this event they signed an agreement creating a universal PK-16 pipeline and guaranteeing a place in...Read more
This presentation includes information on integrating professional development across various plans. These include Diversity, Institutional Effectiveness, Student Success, and Basic Skills plans. Other topics covered are The Learning-and-Effectiveness Paradigm, example missions and vision...Read more
This presentation from a pre-conference session at the 2017 4CSD Conference covers the basic tasks and responsibilities of the PD Coordinator on campus and offers insightful questions and methods for creating your PD plan and Flex Days. Also discussed are your Committee structure, needs assessment...Read more
eLearning Module Resource Description Description of Content Santa MonicaCollege’s Scienceand Research Initiative (SRI) collaborated with the Black Collegians and Adelante programs to target intensive support for introductory chemistrystudents. The resulting Chem Boot Camps have had a significant...Read more
Honoring the Past, Navigating the Present, Imagining the Future This session focused on examining the current state of our system and shared the challenges that affect our present circumstances. Included in this resource are videos capturing multiple sessions from Brian Murphy, President, DeAnza...Read more
IEPI, in partnership with the Statewide Academic Senate and select AACC CA Guided Pathways colleges, sponsored two pathways events in late 2016 and early 2017. These two-day events were designed for college leadership teams interested in learning about different strategies for implementing a...Read more
A panel of Community College Consortium for Open Educational Resources (CCCOER) members share how they are adopting open educational resources (OER) for degree pathways, certificates, and courses at their colleges. This is panel presentation from the 2016 Online Teaching Conference.Read more
This flyer on Students in Crisis from Orange Coast college provides a valuable template for any institution needing to create their own brochure.Read more
The Santa Rosa Junior College Crisis Intervention Resource Team (CIRT) and it's subgroup, the Threat Assessment Team (TAT), has a principles and protocols document that would be valuable for a campus working to create or further a similar team. This document includes how to conduct a full threat...Read more
This document describes how a Board of Trustees can comply with ACCJC accreditation standards concerning Trustee practices. It also provides tips on how Trustees can exceed the standards and achieve high performance though various activities and practices. There are 435 trustees in California and...Read more
eLearning Module Resource Description The Faculty and Staff Guide from Rio Hondo College on Helping Students in Distress is a comprehensive document, made possible by CCC SMHP, that covers Psychological and Counseling Services, Crisis and Behavioral Intervention, and guidelines for a number of...Read more
Two Model Programs for Working with Student Veterans: The Pathway Home and the San Francisco VA’s Student Veteran Health Program at City College of San Francisco. This presentation offers an introduction to two different approaches to working with student Veterans. The first is a program offered on...Read more