The Basic Skills Work Group of the Online Education Initiative is currently focused on identifying “just in time” modules that can be embedded into online courses. Many of our students arrive on campus not yet academically prepared to succeed in courses. These students often lack the mathematics, reading, writing, English second language, and information competency skills that college faculty expect of incoming “freshmen.” Faculty do not always have the time, nor the discipline expertise, to assist these students while still fulfilling the content requirements. Faculty are often left with two options: (1) keep the level of rigor expected of the course and watch students struggle, fail and withdraw, or (2) “lower the standards” so that more students can succeed. Our goal is to provide a third option of providing “just-in-time” basic skills support links that faculty can embed into their courses. This helps underprepared students gain critical skills needed for success in their current course, while also allowing faculty to spend their energies on effectively engaging with students on course content. A list of ADA compliant resources has been compiled by the Basic Skills Work Group for use in both online and face-to-face courses. All resources are either Open Educational Resources or are freely available to use and not password protected. In addition, OEI has developed an Embedded Basic Skills Support Guide to help instructors embed basic skills modules into online courses.
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