Cañada College Disability Resource Center: The Most Important Things for Faculty to Know About Students with Disabilities

The mission of Cañada College's Disability Resource Center is to ensure educational access so that students with disabilities have every reasonable opportunity to meet their educational goals, provide educational support so that students with disabilities can demonstrate their skills, and create a learning environment in which students with disabilities may become independent, interdependent and integrated in our global community. The primary role for DRC staff is to provide Cañada College students, faculty, staff and administration with guidance and “know how” for disability accommodations...

Implementing the Six Factors of Student Success Via Faculty: Student Success Advocates at East Los Angeles College

In 2016, East Los Angeles College, a Hispanic Serving Institution, developed the Student Success Advocates (SSA) program. The role of a Student Success Advocate is to help students navigate the college campus and resources, as well as their educational goals. SSA faculty utilize the framework of the Student Support (Re)defined six success factors to execute programming such as career/major panels to emphasize the value of degree completion and transfer, collaborating with student services departments to increase student help seeking behavior, training colleagues to use the six factors, and...

Allan Hancock College Crisis Intervention Procedures Manual

Allan Hancock College strives to provide a safe environment for all who study, visit and work at the college. If there is ever a time when employees feel the need to report a situation that prompts concern for the safety of faculty, staff or students, procedures are in place for addressing disruptive, suspicious, or unusual behaviors. This manual provides a solid example for those looking to create one on their own campus.

Butte College Showcases Promising Student Orientation and First-Year Experience Programs

Butte College has created promising programs centered around first-year student success. First, they have created a robust student orientation program, which includes dispersing orientation leaders throughout the streets, parking lots and sidewalks to help new students immediately feel welcomed. To follow up on a successful orientation, Butte has implemented an in-depth First-Year Experience program that contains two primary components: student success courses and a Menu for Success website that encourages students to get involved in campus life and to take advantage of various student...

2017-18 FSA Verification

This presentation from the 2017 CCCSFAAA conference highlights changes to the FSA verification process for the 2017-18 award year. Additionally, this presentation includes an overview of regulatory changes, documentation requirements, as well as verification reminders to ensure accurate processing.

Conflicting Information: Including New 399 C-Flag

With the latest transition from using prior year tax information to using prior-prior year tax information when completing the FAFSA, the issue of resolving conflicting information has become a hot topic. This session from the 2017 CCCSFAAA conference will discuss exactly what conflicting information is and what is required when resolving the issues faced. Included in this session are specific instructions on how a school must address Comment Code 399.

Administering Title IV Funds with Student Adds, Drops and Withdrawls

This presentation from the 2017 CCCSFAAA conference addresses the administration of Title IV funds when a student adds or drops courses and also student withdrawals (excluding R2T4 calculation). Additionally, this session provides an in-depth explanation concerning student withdrawals on the following topics: Schools Required to Take Attendance vs. Schools Not Required to Take Attendance, Official and Unofficial Withdrawals, Dates of Determination and Deadlines, and an overview of Enrollment Reporting Requirements

Rio Hondo College: Helping Students in Distress, A Guide for Faculty and Staff

eLearning Module Resource Description The Faculty and Staff Guide from Rio Hondo College on Helping Students in Distress is a comprehensive document, made possible by CCC SMHP, that covers Psychological and Counseling Services, Crisis and Behavioral Intervention, and guidelines for a number of specific student behavior concerns.