Connecting Outcome Data with Demographics Using Canvas

During the spring 2016 semester, College of the Redwoods ran a small pilot to test both the technical aspects of Canvas data collection, as well the utility of the process from the instructor's perspective. At the end of the pilot it was clear that the Canvas outcomes tool streamlined the Student Learning Outcomes (SLO) data collection process, connected assessment data with student demographics, and also simplified the housing of artifacts. This session from the 2017 Online Teaching Conference (OTC), discusses the collection of SLO data in Canvas for use by the institution in order to help...

The All-important Placement Cut Scores - Where to Start?

The attached PowerPoint presentation addresses what options and resources are available for determining placement cut scores. The presentation addresses the most desirable option--Standard Setting--as well as imperfect options including: · Concordance Tables · Proficiency Statements · Simulated Student Testing · Contrasting Group from a Prerequisite Course · National Sources · Comparable School and Courses Explanations of each of these options are offered as well as consideration of some of their strengths and weaknesses.