Supporting Students from Diverse Racial and Ethnic Backgrounds

This document presents some common barriers related to mental health shared by students from historically marginalized racial and ethnic backgrounds, and describes how resources specific to the community college system can help support their access to mental health services. While commonalities of experience exist between groups, there is great variability within racial and ethnic identities. The information is not intended to ignore the diversity that exists within and between cultures; instead, examples from research on multiple racial and ethnic groups are provided to illustrate broad...

Culturally Responsive Services for Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Student Success

Culturally-responsive campus services work toward adopting best and emerging practices. Asian-American communities are among the fastest growing in the United States, and sometimes culturally‐based stigma and shame are barriers to seeking services or assistance from others. While family can be a source of support, it can also add unintended pressure. Providing culturally responsive services to Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) students can contribute to their academic success. This document outlines resources and related organizations.

Information and Resources for Undocumented and DACA Students

Given the federal government’s rescission of DACA and shifting priorities regarding immigration enforcement, many individuals within the California Community College system are curious about the state of the law and how to support undocumented students. The Chancellor’s Office has gathered memos, legal opinions, and other resources on their Resources for Undocumented Students page, and update it when new materials are made available.

Workshop on Entrepreneurship at East Los Angeles College

East Los Angeles College piloted a two-day workshop aimed at giving career technical education (CTE) students entrepreneurial skills to help them navigate the modern economy. The Challenge According to a 2014 Brookings Institution report, the U.S. economy has become less entrepreneurial over the past 30 years. This trend, combined with high unemployment among veterans, prompted East Los Angeles College to develop “Operation Entrepreneurship: Project ESTEEM” (Ethics, Science, Technology, Engineering, Entrepreneurship, Mathematics) to: Provide a pathway to entrepreneurship as a viable career...