The OEI's Approach Toward Access and Equity in the Online Classroom

As part of the Online Education Initiative’s (OEI) continued efforts to improve student success and completion rates among online students, the OEI has made the commitment to develop effective success strategies for closing the online student equity gap among a widely diverse student population. This presentation from the 2017 OTC conference identifies strategies for online instructors to use in maximizing learning opportunities for all students. It discusses learning opportunities for students whose needs may not be fully met in traditional face-to-face learning settings and how the online...

Ecosystem for Success: Student and Faculty Support through Canvas and the Online Education Initiative

The speedy adoption of Canvas by over 90% of California Community Colleges has offered a unique and exciting opportunity to support student learning and faculty teaching. A group of services, all accessed through the Canvas Course Management System, allows for the development of an ecosystem for success. Professional development, student services, and academic support function together in the work of the Online Education Initiative, a collaborative effort among California Community Colleges, to ensure that significantly more students are able to complete their educational goals by increasing...

What Have We Learned About Canvas?

A few months after Canvas by Instructure was selected to be the common course management system for the Online Education Initiative, the @ONE program began offering the course: Introduction to Teaching with Canvas. Gregory Beyrer co-developed the class and has helped hundreds of colleagues learn how to use this system. At this presentation from the 2017 OTC conference, Gregory shares what they have learned about Canvas, from how to click more efficiently to nuggets on teaching with Canvas in face-to-face and online classrooms. This resource includes the PPT presentation as well as the live...

Starfish and Canvas – Tools to Support Collaboration for Student Success

Collective experience with online teaching perpetually reveals opportunities to improve collaboration and strengthen relationships to promote student success. One opportunity identified by the field is pairing of the Canvas learning management system with the Starfish early alert and student success suite. Working together, these tools help teachers, students, and support services connect and collaborate in sustainable and synergistic ways. Presented by the Education Planning Initiative (EPI) and Online Education Initiative (OEI) teams, you will learn about the toolsets, hear practical...

OEI Online Course Design Guide

@ONE, in partnership with the Online Education Initiative (OEI), has developed an Online Course Design Guide. You can bookmark the short URL, , for quick access. This resource is an open Canvas course that provides examples and helpful information for aligning course design in Canvas to the Online Education Initiative's Course Design Rubric. The goal is to provide a collaborative resource that helps everyone implement design choices that enhance student success and assists those who are interested in aligning their course to the OEI Course Design Rubric to increase...

The Intended Consequences of California’s Online Education Initiative

This video is the third from a series about online course "exchanges" developed by e-literate. It looks at the Online Education Initiative's (OEI's) investment in academic infrastructure and how it provides benefits that go well beyond the courses and students participating in the course exchange. This extension of benefits, however, was not a surprise to those creating OEI; rather, these broader benefits represent the intended consequences of their approach to collaborative online education.

OEI Online Accessibility Resource Documents

The Online Education Initiative's (OEI) Online Accessibility Resource Documents page provides information about online accessibility. This page has modules on Creating Accessible Courses in Canvas and introductions to Online and Media Accessibility, video tutorials on how to make accessible documents, and includes files for workshop activities, webinars, presentations, and other resources related to accessibility and online education.

Canvas Resources for Faculty

Thinking about Canvas? @ONE and the Online Education Initiative (OEI) provide a wealth of resources to assist in your exploration of Canvas, an overview of the support available to you, and resources to facilitate your move. Why Canvas? Everything you ever wanted to know about Canvas – visit the Canvas Community Canvas FastTrack Video Series – a quick video guide for instructors to help with the alignment of Canvas tools with SAMR and increase engagement Canvas Interface Overview (Faculty) Canvas Instructor Getting Started Guide Canvas Overview (Students) Canvas Student Getting Started Guide

Resources for Underprepared Students

The Basic Skills Work Group of the Online Education Initiative is currently focused on identifying “just in time” modules that can be embedded into online courses. Many of our students arrive on campus not yet academically prepared to succeed in courses. These students often lack the mathematics, reading, writing, English second language, and information competency skills that college faculty expect of incoming “freshmen.” Faculty do not always have the time, nor the discipline expertise, to assist these students while still fulfilling the content requirements. Faculty are often left with two...

Resources for Colleges Considering Canvas Adoption

The Online Education Initiative (OEI) offers colleges the technology resources to support students in completing their educational goals. Leading the way is Instructure’s Canvas, the common course management system (CCMS) selected with overwhelming support following a nearly one-year evaluation and review process. The OEI website includes many resources to assist colleges as they consider adopting Canvas as their CMS. For more information, visit Canvas Resources