Math Pathways: Developmental Education Reform

Cuyamaca College is the first community college in California to undertake a full-scale transformation of mathematics instruction. The college has made three critical changes: 1) the assessment and placement of students into math courses, 2) the paths students take to reach and complete transfer-level math, and 3) the experience students receive in the classroom. Most students at Cuyamaca can complete their math requirements in one semester. Instead of requiring students to take remedial courses that delay their progress toward a degree, Cuyamaca allows students to enroll directly into...

Zero-based Scheduling

Los Angeles City College (LACC) has developed a “Zero-Based” scheduling model and process for its primary terms. The Vice President for Academic Affairs and the Dean of Institutional Effectiveness established the process and associated scheduling tools in consultation with the College’s academic senate and union leadership, as well as department chairs and deans.

Go2Foothill Online Orientation

In partnership with Innovative Educators, Foothill College developed a student-to-student online orientation that meets the eight mandated areas for the Student Success and Services Program (SSSP) orientation. The student-to-student online orientation referred to as Go2Foothill, takes less than 30 minutes to complete, and has an additional resource library of 12 specific areas focused on individual student needs. It is available on-demand 24/7, can be updated by the college, and has a 98% satisfaction score with students. The system interfaces with Banner so once students complete the...

Weekly Enrollment Updates

The Kern Community College District Office of Research and Reporting provides the District and college constituencies with a weekly enrollment update that offers transparency to the enrollment management process. While some pieces of the update vary, it typically goes out each week during the enrollment cycle from the start of open registration through census day and occasionally at other times if there is a special event or upon request.

Pasadena City College Pathways

Pasadena City College (PCC) leverages the District and federal resources to operate the PCC Pathways. The PCC Pathways is a comprehensive approach for ensuring that students identify and complete their academic goals in a timely manner. PCC Pathways was launched in 2011 to increase the success, persistence, and completion rates of students at Pasadena City College. The program guarantees students access to full schedules, including difficult-to-get English and math courses in the fall and spring semesters in their first year. The PCC Pathways also provides students the critical support they...

The Stand: Food Pantry and Professional Clothing Closet

To address the increasing apprehension over food insecurity on campus, San Diego Mesa College Student Services launched a food pantry called The Stand. In addition to providing immediate food relief, The Stand provides information on other support programs (e.g., CAL Fresh and 211 San Diego), and community food pantry resources for students. The primary goal of The Stand is to serve students who experience food insecurities and are in need of emergency food. This generally correlates with low income, but it is not always the case. As noted in multiple studies, a large number of students earn...

A Data-Informed, Goal-Based Enrollment Management Plan

The purpose of the enrollment management plan is to guide the efforts of the college to maximize opportunities supporting student success. The plan outlines goals, activities, and desired deliverables for the next five years of the college’s enrollment management efforts. It is a living document, and changes are made to meet the growing needs of students, community, and the college as necessary.