Allan Hancock College Crisis Intervention Procedures Manual

Allan Hancock College strives to provide a safe environment for all who study, visit and work at the college. If there is ever a time when employees feel the need to report a situation that prompts concern for the safety of faculty, staff or students, procedures are in place for addressing disruptive, suspicious, or unusual behaviors. This manual provides a solid example for those looking to create one on their own campus.

Personnel and Other Legal Issues OR "The Best Part of a CIO's Job"

The below presentation was delivered at the 2017 CCCCIO Spring Conference and addresses many of the basic questions and difficulties CIOs confront related to hiring, inheriting, evaluating, and firing employees. Some of the topics covered in more detail include: How to avoid personnel issues entirely: Hire the right people to begin with, and enforce confidentiality and being unbiased. How to respond to unacceptable performance from deans or other managers: Be honest in your evaluations regardless of how predecessors evaluated them, and utilize the FRISK model to develop a record of behavior...

Financial Aid Program Review Essentials and the Top 10 Compliance Findings

Would you like to learn about the program review process and the most common compliance findings? This presentation is a walk-through of the program review process, highlighting the areas with the current "Top 10 Program Review and Audit Findings." Learn what you can do to improve your school's program administration and to remain in compliance with Title IV regulations and statutes in this presentation from the 2017 CCCSFAAA conference.

Ensuring Effective Curriculum Approval Processes: A Guide for Local Senates

Curriculum is the heart of the mission of every college. College curriculum approval processes have been established to ensure that rigorous, high quality curriculum is offered that meets the needs of students. While some concerns may exist regarding the effectiveness and efficiency of local curriculum processes, all participants in the process must remember - and remind external stakeholders - that the faculty of the California community colleges have long worked to ensure that their college curriculum approval processes are sufficiently robust and deliberative to ensure that standards for...