Project MATCH (Mentors Act to Change History) is an internship program in the Los Angeles Community College District dedicated to preparing and recruiting diverse faculty who are sensitive to the needs of the students and the community they serve. The goals of the program are to improve the diversity pool of faculty in the district and for the interns to become role models reflecting that diversity. For more than 20 years, Project MATCH has brought highly qualified professionals from diverse backgrounds and work experiences into the community college system. Project MATCH has more than 700 intern graduates who are now trained to teach in the California Community Colleges.

The Challenge

Matching interns with faculty in their areas of expertise and placing interns who successfully complete the program in teaching positions.


The Project MATCH program consists of a five-week training program (held in the evenings during the months of July and August) and an opportunity to be mentored by an experienced LACCD faculty member during the fall semester. The intern is assigned to work with the mentor to teach one class (3 to 5 hours per week on 16 consecutive weeks throughout the fall semester). If the intern is a counselor or librarian, the intern will be assigned to a mentor in their field and will be given the equivalent non-classroom assignment. Weekday and evening opportunities are available Monday through Friday and the assignment takes place at one of the nine colleges in the District. The annual cost of the Program is approximately $110,000. This includes the Project MATCH Coordinator ($11,000); the Summer Institute Instructor ($11,000); Intern/Mentor stipends ($80,000 – both interns and mentors receive a stipend of $800 divided into two payments of $400 each); books, handouts, certificates, office supplies and event costs make up the difference. The Program is funded with District funds and augmented by staff diversity funds.

Data and Outcomes

The Program receives approximately 400 applications each year of which only 50 interns and 10 alternates are chosen. Retention rates are more than 95 percent. Figures for the 2015 graduating class, including those that received interviews and offered assignments are currently being compiled. 2014 figures are forthcoming.

Other Comments

The Program targets candidates with Master’s degrees and those who meet minimum qualifications to teach Career Technical Education who have not yet taught at the community or four year college level. The Program is managed at the District level by the Project MATCH Manager. The Project MATCH Coordinator is a paid faculty member who is key in recruiting and securing mentors. The Program works best if senior level administrators strongly support and encourage their faculty to sponsor interns. The Coordinator needs to be well connected and respected to succeed in recruiting an adequate number of committed mentors and lead interns through the program.

Project MATCH Website

Project MATCH Report

To learn more, please see the below contact information:
Sylvia Macias, J.D.
District Compliance Officer/Project MATCH Manager
Los Angeles Community College District

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