The below presentation was delivered at the 2017 CCCCIO Spring Conference and addresses many of the basic questions and difficulties CIOs confront related to hiring, inheriting, evaluating, and firing employees. Some of the topics covered in more detail include:
  • How to avoid personnel issues entirely: Hire the right people to begin with, and enforce confidentiality and being unbiased.
  • How to respond to unacceptable performance from deans or other managers: Be honest in your evaluations regardless of how predecessors evaluated them, and utilize the FRISK model to develop a record of behavior.
  • How to respond differently to unacceptable behavior from faculty and classified staff: Different positions need to be handled differently!
  • How to provide effective evaluations: Don’t overrate, and be specific about deadlines for re-evaluation when improvement plans are put into place.
More information on these and other topics are included in the below PowerPoint.
To learn more, please see the below contact information:
Meridith Randall
Associate Superintendent, Instruction and Institutional Effectiveness
Chaffey College

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