Many community colleges have identified a real need to increase support services to students who are struggling to pass the college-level math they need to complete a degree or transfer to a four-year institution. To make matters more difficult, many returning students and high school graduates are placed into lower math courses than they have demonstrated proficiency. Research into success rates across California Community Colleges indicates students are twice as likely to successfully complete a transfer-level math course within three years if they begin at a course one level higher.

In response to this need, many math departments have started offering Math Jam, a free one-week intensive math preparation program for students. Math Jam is designed to help students achieve their math goals—from providing them with a rigorous, personalized review prior to their upcoming math course to preparing to them re-take the math assessment (placement) test to ensure they start their studies at the right place. This free program has been so successful, other disciplines are now offering STEM-related Jams and Word Jams. This presentation from the 2017 RP Group Strengthening Student Success conference discusses the essential components needed to offer a successful Math Jam at your college and ways to fund and institutionalize this approach.
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Robert Hoffman
Instructor, Science and Technology - Mathematics
Cañada College

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