Integrated planning has become an important function to plan for external or internal initiatives, but even with the most sophisticated planning tools it is common for institutions to continue to struggle implementing initiatives. This document outlines a process to help institutions ensure a seamless transition from planning to implementation. This guide is composed of five process elements for colleges to consider when planning initiatives, including if the initiative itself is integrated planning. The five process elements include:
  1. Purpose: Why should we pursue this initiative?
  2. Evaluation: What makes the initiative planning process successful?
  3. Leadership: Who is the champion for the initiative planning process?
  4. Expertise: What type of expertise is needed?
  5. Impactful Meetings: How do you make the best use of meeting time?
The process elements are agnostic and meant to be used for the college’s context. This resource is part of the Integrated Planning Applied Solution Kit (ASK). Download the PDF for The Integrated Planning Process Improvement Guide here.
To learn more, please see the below contact information:
Al Solano
RP Group, Integrated Planning ASK

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