IEPI convened a Change Leadership Summit in October 2017 for colleges looking to capitalize on their local talent and foster leadership development to take student achievement to a higher level. Colleges were encouraged to gather a cross-functional team of experienced and emerging leaders to explore new concepts about leading large-scale change. The summit included discussions, shared ideas, and provocative questions to enhance our collective capacity to further address student achievement and equity gaps. Guided team conversations supported application of system leadership concepts and tools to current and planned change efforts. Several tools were introduced that support a systems approach to leadership and change. Highlights include Chancellor Eloy Oakley discussing the Strategic Vision for Success and what it means for leaders in the Chancellor's Office and the field, and John Kania, who introduced the concepts and practices of system leadership and led participants in reflection and interaction to support development of a systems perspective.

The conference objectives were to:

  1. Develop approaches, mindsets and tools that enhance local leadership efforts.
  2. Assess challenges and opportunities for collective leadership within and across our institutions.
  3. Identify and explore the leadership demands for undertaking whole systems change to further close achievement and equity gaps.
Watch the video of the two-day summit below!
To learn more, please see the below contact information:
IEPI Division
California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office

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