In collaboration with the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges, the Association of Community and Continuing Education, the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office, the California Community Colleges Success Network, and the Career Ladders Project, IEPI hosted a noncredit summit in May 2017 so that practitioners and those looking to begin new noncredit programs could share and hear about the basics of noncredit, how to develop programs, common challenges, and promising practices. Videos of the general sessions are available below along with associated PowerPoints. These focus on 1) the history of noncredit in California's Community Colleges, 2) the results of the Noncredit Offerings Survey conducted by San Diego Continuing Education, 3) the current political landscape of noncredit, along with high priority issue areas and recommended advocacy efforts, and 4) local feedback on AEBG and the future.Watch the Video
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Institutional Effectiveness Divisions
Assistant Professor, Humanities
California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office

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