Inmate education is perhaps more important now than ever. As the population of incarcerated people in California increases and evidence accumulates about the effectiveness of prison education programs on recidivism, community colleges are poised to take the lead in educating this unique segment of our state’s population. The workshop resources provided below explore how to effectively develop and implement a high quality face-to-face and distance education program for incarcerated students. The goal of the workshop was for attendees to leave with a practical understanding of the rules and regulations surrounding the inmate education environment, strategies for identifying California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) partners, best practices in course and program selection, and strategies for recruiting faculty. The video playlist below contains videos that discuss: • How to go about establishing a partnership with CDCR • Common issues teaching in facility and how to select faculty • The rules for attendance and counting • Implementation within the rules Watch the video playlist
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