Education Code Section 87100 states the need for a “work force that is continually responsive to the needs of a diverse student population [which] may be achieved by ensuring that all persons receive an equal opportunity to compete for employment and promotion within the community college districts and by eliminating barriers to equal employment opportunity.” Title 5 Section 53003 requires that hiring committees be trained on the educational benefits of workforce diversity, the elimination of bias in hiring decisions, and best practices in serving on a selection or screening committee. Yet, in the past ten years, only 20 to 30 percent of full-time faculty hires were from underrepresented groups. The resources provided here are from a workshop that examined equity hiring from three perspectives:
  • what federal and state laws prohibit,
  • what federal and state laws require, and
  • the educational benefits of having a diverse faculty.
In addition, there is a group discussion over an action plan exercise regarding how to move forward and apply the information from the workshop.

Federal & State Law & Education Benefits of Diversity (Video)
Action Plan Exercise (Video)

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