The presentation attached below was delivered at the 2017 CACCRAO Conference, and provides information about how and why Mt. San Antonio College and West Hills Colleges auto-award degrees and certificates. It first lays out legal considerations from both the legal and state level, such as the federal requirement that students must be in an eligible program of study, and the minimum requirements for an associate degree in California. The presentation then explains why Mt. SAC implemented an auto-awarding process, and what it looks like at their college. The process is, technically speaking, an auto-petition program in which a reporting tool generates a list of students who appear to meet graduation requirements. Evaluators use that list to run degree audits, and any student who meets the requirements for a degree/certificate is awarded it. Since 2016, the program at Mt. SAC has awarded a total of 200 certificates and 216 degrees. West Hills District colleges have seen similar success with their analogous program — the second year of its implementation showed a more than 40% increase in certificates and degrees awarded compared to the year before implementation. For more details, see the below PowerPoint.
To learn more, please see the below contact information:
George R. Bradshaw, Ph.D.
Dean, Enrollment Management
Mt. San Antonio College

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