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California Great Teachers Seminar is a high energy, powerful summer retreat that brings faculty together in search of the “great teacher” within themselves. With no experts or keynote speakers, the seminar is based on the principle that faculty are the experts in teaching and learn best from one another.

The Retreat Experience of a Lifetime for Faculty

If you are an educator who seeks to enhance your teaching and ensure greater learning on the part of your students, then this is the perfect seminar for you. Whether you teach full-time or part-time, are a veteran teacher or new to the profession, the California Great Teachers Seminar in Santa Barbara gives you a unique and powerful opportunity to reflect on what great teaching is all about. Join us for a profoundly simple and powerful experience for learning and growth in the art of teaching.

Goals of the Seminar
- to CELEBRATE good teaching.
- to INSPIRE faculty to venture beyond the limits of our own specializations and environments in search of the universals of teaching
- to DISCOVER effective and innovative approaches to teaching and learning
- to STIMULATE the exchange of information and ideas between faculty by bringing them together
- to REFLECT deeply on our own attitudes, methods, and behaviour as teachers in a supportive and engaging environment to RENEW our commitment to student learning and to our profession

Who should attend
All full and part-time faculty, counselors, and librarians.


Start: August 6 @ 4:00 pm
End: August 9 @ 1:00 pm
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(916) 447-8555
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800 Asilomar Avenue
Pacific Grove, CA 93950
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