The purpose of the California Community College Student Affairs Association shall be to: promote and advance public two-year post-secondary education and to bring the members together in an association for mutual benefit; to stimulate effective working relationships in the field; to strengthen professional status by establishing criteria for professional training; to undertake research and study pertinent to the profession and other methods for exchange of ideas and information, whereby all persons engaged as Student Affairs professionals in California Community Colleges may be aided in the growth and success of student programs and services within their respective colleges.

There are three levels of Advisor Certification. The first two levels are Certified Advisor I and II. The third level is designated as Master Advisor. The requirements for levels I and II each include the satisfactory completion of a total of fifteen (15) clock hours. The requirements for Master Advisor include the satisfactory completion a total of 15 clock hours. Each course requires a minimum of two hours and ten minutes of seat time (the equivalent of 2.5 hours of clock time) with 50 minutes equated to one hour. Six required courses must be completed for Certified Advisor I. Six additional courses, four core courses and two optional courses, are required and must be completed for Certified Advisor II.

All of the Advisor I and II requirements plus an additional eight (8) courses — four required and four optional — plus the teaching of two (2) Advisor courses or four (4) student courses — must be completed to be certified as a Master Advisor. Courses taught do not necessarily need to be taught at only ASACC conferences. Other presentations will be considered on a case by case basis for awarding credit for this requirement.


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