The 2018 CATESOL Northern Regional Conference is hosted through collaboration of the Steinbeck Chapter and San Diego Chapter to offer professional development to California ELL K-12 educators, adult-ed instructors, teacher trainers, administrators and a broad range of professionals that support English Language Education across the state. The conference theme builds of the fertile soil of the Santa Rosa region that offers a multitude of bounty to the state and beyond and has chosen "Planting the Seeds of Change" to reflect what the conference aims to achieve while honoring the region in which it is being held. The conference theme highlights that trough professional engagement and development we sow the seeds of our learning a professional and also that of our students.This year the Northern Regional Conference is focusing on K-12 educators through the plenary speakers, Dr. Yvonne Freeman and Dr. David Freeman, as well as through conference streams.

As Conference Chair, Kara Mac Donald, encourages a variety of instructors across foreign language teaching, not only English as a foreign language, to consider presenting and/or attending the conference. She also encourages teachers to join CATESOL and become involved in local chapter and state-wide events, as the pedagogical issues relevant to Californian English language learners are also relevant to teachers of other languages within the state.


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