Build on your expertise, enhance your understanding of governance, and strengthen your role as a board professional. Held in conjunction with AGB’s National Conference on Trusteeship, the Workshop for Board Professionals is open to those professionals in higher education who staff boards of trustees in roles such as assistant to the president, general counsel, secretary of the college, assistant secretary of the board, vice president, and chief of staff.

A planning committee of board professionals—led by committee chair Carrie Warren formerly of Metropolitan State University of Denver and vice chairs Denise Nelson Nash of Scripps College and Tina Holloway of the University of Texas System—developed the program. This year, for the first time, the committee solicited proposals for sessions. The program is comprised of concurrent and plenary sessions, roundtables, reception, and various social networking activities to ensure that the program delivers support, information, and professional growth to those in the profession.

Topics include:
-Confronting difficult issues on campus like freedom of speech
-Enhancing the role of the board professional
-Selecting the right board portals and technology for your board
-Aligning foundation and institution governing boards
-Becoming an effective leader as a board professional
-Board basics—from orientation to committee meetings
-Speed mentoring

Also, to help guide participants through the program, AGB recommends various tracks for identifying the sessions that may be of interest to you.

Board Professional Fundamentals: These sessions cover topics on some of the basic functions and responsibilities of the board professional role.

Strategic Issues: These sessions cover topics related to some of the big strategic issues facing many colleges and universities.

Influencers: These sessions address the ways in which board professionals can be influential and offer thought leadership in dealing with some of the institution’s biggest issues and opportunities.

Institutionally Affiliated Foundations: These sessions cover topics on fundraising, development, and the relationship between an institution and its affiliated foundation.

Technology and Innovation: These sessions address technology-oriented questions, innovations, and strategies to enhance the work of the governing board and staff.

Preparing for Change: These sessions address topics related to preparing for moments of major institutional change.

Attendees are also encouraged to attend the National Conference on Trusteeship with their board members and institutional leaders.


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