“Sometimes I feel invisible on campus. There’s no one who looks like me.” “I couldn’t buy the textbooks and ended up having to drop the class.” “It’s so hard to get in to see an advisor. When I do, it’s a different person each time, so it feels like I’m starting over.” What do our students say about their experiences at our colleges? What obstacles do they encounter? What supports them? To understand the student perspective, the RP Group has worked with a number of colleges to conduct focus groups with student populations identified as disproportionately impacted. Participants will have the opportunity to engage with staff from these colleges to learn what motivated them to conduct this research, what they hoped to accomplish, and how they have used the results to improve their college’s equity efforts. This presentation from the 2017 Strengthening Student Success conference will provide participants with (1) information on how to plan, conduct, analyze, share, and respond to the findings from student equity focus groups; and (2) an opportunity to explore and plan for conducting focus groups on their own campuses. Handouts and worksheets are included in this resource, as provided during the presentation.

To learn more, please see the below contact information:
Leticia Maldonado
Director of Student Equity & Success
Cabrillo College

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