Deputy Sector Navigators (DSNs) representing Global Trade & Logistics and Small Business led a two-day training for high school faculty to raise their awareness about employment in these sectors.

The Challenge

Providing high school teachers with a better understanding of the global marketplace and information on how they can teach their students to cultivate and leverage entrepreneurial skills in order to compete for jobs and find success in the workplace.


Deputy Sector Navigators (DSNs) representing Global Trade & Logistics and Small Business led an intensive two-day training for high school faculty. The training included a series of presentations, group exercises, and activities related to global trade and entrepreneurship. Attendees also heard from the Sector Navigator for Global Trade & Logistics and visited the 10th Street and National City Marine Terminals, where they heard from officials from the Port of San Diego.

Data and Outcomes

Thirty-five high school faculty members attended the training. High school faculty learned about the Global Trade & Logistics sector and the Small Business sector. With the information they gained from the training, they will be better equipped to provide information to students interested in careers in global trade & logistics or as entrepreneurs.
To learn more, please see the below contact information:
Julie Pehkonen
Program Director and Regional Consortium Chair
Riverside Community College District, Inland Empire/Desert Regional Consortium

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