The California Community College's Chancellor's Office Management Information Systems (MIS) Data Mart (commonly just referred to as "data mart") provides users with access to "information about students, courses, student services, outcomes and faculty and staff. The emphasis of a data mart is to answer the questions of administrators, educators, parents, students, state leaders, and professional organizations. Because the data mart is aimed at supplying information to a wide variety of users, the easy-to-use interface and query explanations insure the data are easily accessed and processed." This legend provides an overview of all data mart query options and their results based on characteristics. This resource is part of the Data Disaggregation Applied Solution Kit (ASK). [caption id="attachment_49894" align="alignnone" width="217"]Data Mart Legend Data Mart Legend[/caption] Download the PDF here: Data Mart Legend v.8
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Craig Hayward, PhD
Senior Consulting Researcher
The RP Group

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