Increasingly, colleges are examining employment outcomes and evaluating regional labor market data to support both planning and evaluation of career and technical education (CTE) programs. However, many colleges struggle to access and understand these new sources of information. This day-long training walked participants through a suite of resources and a new grant program that would help their college gather the data they need, understand how to integrate it into processes like program review and planning, and utilize tools that provide this information in a user-friendly format. Finally, they had the opportunity to examine the outcomes of their college’s programs on the newly released LaunchBoard Program Snapshot tool. The videos in the playlist are from workshops held March - May of 2016 and provide information about CTE Data Unlocked and showcase the usefulness of tools, particularly LaunchBoard, for examining: • Skills Builders and Completers • Employment and Earnings • Labor Market Data • Equity CCC Doing What Matters for Jobs and the Economy
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IEPI Division
IEPI Division
CCC Chancellor's Office

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