Well-trained managers provide leadership, stability, and motivation for their direct reports and the entire management team. Frequently, employees are promoted to supervisory or management positions because they are good at the job they’re doing. But a whole new set of skills is necessary to become an effective manager. College of the Canyons has designed a program to help employees develop those critical skills. While some of the material is specific to College of the Canyons, these trainings primarily offer valuable insight into the general skills needed to be a successful manager at any California community college.

This playlist contains the following sessions:

Introduction to Management Basics

What exactly is expected of today’s manager? This session provides an overview of the skills expected of today’s manager and a solid foundation of management skills, including supervising others, helping a team be productive, resolving conflicts, giving constructive feedback, and delegating tasks and projects.

Problem Solving & Decision-Making: Root Cause, Risk Assessment, Analyzing Facts

This session covers logical decision-making and how to approach and successfully dismantle problems and challenges. Participants learned to assess risks, analyze facts, and anticipate potential road blocks to help inform effective decision-making, identify appropriate solutions, use creativity, evaluate situations and people, predict outcomes, and more.

Building a Winning Team

The role of the manager, or team leader, is a critical one if a team is to reach its full potential for improving quality, productivity, flexibility and innovation. A good team leader has the ability to help a team overcome numerous challenges. This session addresses ways to encourage and maximize participation and collaboration; build team identity, commitment and trust; skillfully manage group discussion; solve problems and make decisions; and how to effectively resolve internal conflict.

Time & Project Management Basics

Managing projects can sometimes feel daunting and overwhelming, with the desired outcomes seemingly unattainable. However, if you are equipped with the proper project management tools, proven techniques for prioritizing competing projects, and a variety of templates, you will be able to tackle any project with confidence, enthusiasm, and a positive attitude! This session goes over a variety of tips, tools, and templates that can help you successfully prioritize, plan, and implement current and future projects.

Facilitating Effective Meetings

Managers are often called upon to facilitate meetings, but what are the steps one must take to prepare for and run an effective meeting? This session addresses strategies to help make your meetings efficient, productive, and successful.

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