During the development of the Integrated Planning Applied Solution Kit (ASK), California community college planning and governance documents were collected to be used as resources for colleges to review as they assess or develop elements of their local planning processes and structures. Links to these documents are provided below. Cerro Coso Community College 2016-2019 Participatory Governance Model Governance and Procedures Handbook Governance Structure Handbook - Grossmont-Cuyamaca CCD (2/21/17) Engaging All Voices - MJC Participatory Decision-Making Handbook Orange Coast College - Decision Making: A Guide to Planning and Governance (Last revised Fall 2015) Rio Hondo College 2016 Organizational Structure and Governance Manual West Los Angeles Participatory Governance and Planning Policy and Procedure Handbook (Fall 2016) The five concepts of a conceptual model of integrated planning - discover, develop, implement, evaluate, and report.
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Al Solano
RP Group, Integrated Planning ASK

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