4:00 PM

March 14, 2018 - 4:00 PM to March 17, 2018 - 1:15 PM
Educators, technology coordinators, TOSAs, administrators and those who are educational mindset leaders should consider attending CUE. Keynotes, sessions and exhibits will be of special value to those involved in all core areas, Title I, School Improvement Program, Data and Assessment, Future Ready, English Language Development (ELD), Special Needs, and GATE. Thousands of teachers, administrators, and other professionals will attend the four-day conference.

8:30 AM

March 17, 2018 -
8:30 AM to 12:00 PM
Within the League are two major organizations which share a common mission, staff and fiscal resources: the California Community College Trustees (CCCT) and the Chief Executive Officers of the California Community Colleges (CEOCCC). CCCT has a 21-member board of directors elected by the 72 local governing boards. CEOCCC has a 15-member board of directors elected by the local community college chancellors, superintendents and presidents. These boards meet approximately six (6) times a year. At those meetings action is taken on education policy issues before the state Board of Governors and the legislature. Policy direction also is provided to staff concerning statewide educational policy, research initiatives, publications, workshops, and conferences. To coordinate the League organizations and their affiliates and to assure their adequate support, each organization selects representatives to serve on the League Board of Directors (four representatives each from CCCT and CEOCCC, two each from Association of California Community College Administrators [ACCCA] and California Community Colleges Classified Senate [4CS]). The Board of Directors establishes the budget and dues, employs and evaluates the chief executive officer, and approves a staff organization structure. The Board of Directors also establishes and evaluates the annual education policy agenda and annual legislative program.