Reg2Go started in 1995 with one school as a pilot program to assist local high school graduates with the process of enrolling at Butte College.  The goal was to help students by bringing the enrollment process to them at their high school so that by the time they graduated high school they would already be enrolled at Butte College for the fall semester.  The program expanded quickly and now has over 40 high schools and 1,200 students participating each year.  

High School seniors who participate in the Reg2Go program participate in orientation, assessment, counseling, and registration at Butte College prior to the end of their senior year. There are three main components to Reg2Go:

- Campus visitations to high schools (November - January)

- Basic Skills Assessment (February - April)

- Orientation/ Advising and Registration (April - May)

This is a college program dedicated to helping high school students successfully transition to college. Below is a link to the program's website and the Reg2Go student letter that explains the program and financial aid options available to local high school students.

To learn more, please see the below contact information:
Brad Zuniga
Associate Dean, Recruitment, Outreach and Orientation
Butte College

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