Strategic Enrollment Management

If this sounds familiar, you are not alone. Many of our colleges are facing the same challenges and wondering how to improve enrollment and student success indicators.

With a solid Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) approach in place colleges have a better way in which to address the many enrollment and student success challenges.

SEM is a holistic approach that enables the fulfillment of an institution’s mission. Focused on strategically meeting the needs of our community and our students, SEM promotes student success, optimizes enrollment, and ensures the fiscal viability of our colleges.

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SEM Program

Fifteen colleges were selected for this year-long opportunity to deeply engage in a SEM project. They participated in the SEM Academy June 1-2, 2018 and will receive resources, tools, and support throughout the year.

SEM Program Information
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Foundational Elements

For more information on SEM resources and tools please contact
Cathy Hasson, or Michelle Barton