Guided Pathways

Students walking on a path on a community college campus
For the past few years, educators have used evidence-based strategies and approaches to investigate how community colleges can be structured to better support equitable student academic, social, and economic outcomes and to enhance community college students’ postsecondary experience. This new framework, known as Guided Pathways, is a part of a national movement to support the transformation necessary to create student-centered institutions to ensure students’ timely and successful realization of their education and career goals. Key elements of Guided Pathways include a structured onboarding process, a set of clear course-taking patterns related to students’ career goals, integrated academic and support services, redesigned basic skills, and early warning systems.

Guided Pathways materials for this site are in active development. Come back soon for more information and resources. In the mean time, check out the California Community Colleges Guided Pathways website for general information, an electronic tool kit, research, podcasts, presentations, and more.