SLO Disaggregation

Current ACCJC accreditation standards ask colleges to disaggregate and analyze “learning outcomes and achievement for subpopulations of students” (cf. ACCJC Standard I.B.6). How do we do this, especially when most Student Learning Outcome (SLO) dialogue has used summary data? And even more importantly, what do we stand to gain by taking the extra step of disaggregating SLO data?

This paper describes two California Community Colleges that met the challenge of disaggregating data and opens the door to asking and answering meaningful questions about student learning. The infographic summarizes the SLO disaggregation process used by Irvine Valley College.

As we see in the case study, the key to disaggregating SLO data is collecting student-level data into a data set that can be linked via a key field (such as Student ID) to other student attributes held in larger institutional databases. We will also see that this practice opens the door to asking and answering critical questions about student learning.

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Disaggregating Student Learning Outcomes

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