Founder of the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Equity Initiative, San Diego City College Mr. Vasquez is currently a graduate candidate at University California, San Diego pursuing a Masters degree in biology. Beto is a first-generational college student and a father of four. He is committed to becoming a community college professor of biology and ultimately an administrator of higher education. Academically, he has conducted research on infectious diseases and is currently investigating the correlations between socioeconomics and environmental disparities. Professionally, he has worked as a substance abuse counselor and has years of experience working with adults and youth. He has developed curriculum and facilitated court-mandated classes, working predominantly with at-risk populations. Having had experienced a life of incarceration himself (juvenile, county and state), he is all too familiar with the multifaceted challenges faced by this demographic. He is currently employed with the City of San Diego and the San Diego Community College District (SDCCD). His role as Community Representative for Councilmember David Alvarez allows him to address community needs and develop relationships within community groups, City departments and constituents. His role with SDCCD allows him the opportunity to educate the public about the accessibility and affordability of higher education. He currently serves as an Outreach Specialist for San Diego City College where he directly works with underrepresented groups (i.e. Parker Scholars, Urban Scholars Union) and helps to develop programs that serve this population. Alberto continues to serve as a mentor at the community college and university levels, and is a huge educational advocate and proponent of STEM fields always looking to create new opportunities for students. He is continuously looking for ways to promote higher education, specifically for underrepresented populations (i.e. rehabilitation programs, sober living homes, jails, and other institutions). He continues to be active on and off campus, looking for ways to create collaborations amongst all underrepresented students and groups. He enhances the campus environment for all students and is focused on social justice, equity and leadership. In the community, Beto works with non-profits and serves on advisory boards, he is constantly looking to create opportunities to serve the community and create the necessary collaborations to meet the needs of marginalized groups. Keynote, 2016 California Community College Student Financial Aid Administrators Association (CCCSFAAA) Conference
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