New Learning: Trauma-Informed Care

Given the diversity and size of our system, it is crucial that we account for students’ experiences while empowering them for success. As many as 85% of youth experience some form of trauma by the time they reach college, which can deeply affect their ability to succeed. This module provides an overview of what trauma is and how it affects many of our students. It then provides information for how professionals can help develop college and classroom environments that support those impacted by trauma.

New Learning: Supporting Undocumented Students

California Community Colleges educates more undocumented students than any other college or university system in the state. This module provides an overview of who undocumented students in our system are, as well as promising practices for supporting them. In addition to covering the protection of student information and how undocumented students can pay for college, it includes a robust set of resources for undocumented students and allies to make use of.

A promotional PDF flyer is also available to help share this module with your colleagues: Supporting Undocumented Students Learning Module PDF Flyer