New Learning Series: Instruction in Prisons

Professionals working within prisons and jails need to remain observant, to continue to seek internal and external training and to use their understanding of these systems to adapt and adopt policies and practices to better serve students. This series introduces instructors to the unique opportunities of teaching in jails and prisons. It is composed of three modules, covering what you need to know about Prisons, Students in Prisons, and Instruction in Prisons.

What You Need to Know About Prisons

This module focuses on what instructors need to know when they are entering a jail or prison. It covers rules and regulations, movement within prisons, personal safety and boundaries, custody staff relations, and power structures.

What You Need to Know About Students in Prisons

This module covers general student background and diversity, unique challenges, students’ vulnerabilities, common medical issues, manipulation, and language.

What You Need to Know About Teaching in Prisons

This module covers unique considerations in preparing for the course, textbooks and other supplies, course policies, classroom management, and instructor support beyond the classroom.

New Learning: Student Centered Funding Formula

The Student Centered Funding Formula is all about ensuring community colleges are funded, at least in part, on how well their students are faring. It encourages progress towards the Vision for Success by strengthening incentives to improve access and outcomes for all students. This module introduces the basics of the Student Centered Funding Formula and explores how this change helps align our system’s funding with our broader mission.

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