Pursuing the Vision for Success

Our system has adopted the Vision for Success, which includes bold goals and commitments to transform our students’ outcomes. This newly redesigned module explores how the goals and commitments connect to Guided Pathways and what changes our system is undergoing in order to achieve them.

Be sure to share this module with everyone on your campus. The Vision for Success is the guiding “north star” for the CCC. All faculty, staff, administrators, and trustees will benefit from understanding the Vision goals and how Guided Pathways is supporting work towards those goals.

Leading Guided Pathways Reform: The Role of the Board

This module offers information for board members on how they can support Guided Pathways implementation in their local college or district. The content is derived from a workshop at the 2017 CCLC Annual Trustees Conference, delivered by Josh Wyner, founder of the College Excellence Program at the Aspen Institute.

Be sure to share this module with your:

  • Guided Pathways Committee
  • Board of Trustees
  • College Leadership